Curb Painting

Curb Painting is the application of traffic paint to the curbs in an area to define their specific use. Curbs may be painted to define a "NO PARKING" zone, a "FIRE LANE," "HANDICAP PARKING," or even "LOADING ZONES". Curb Painting is extremely affordable and gives a new, fresh look to your property. AMS Paving can also apply number or word stencils directly to your curb surface. It must be noted that in order for the traffic paint to adhere properly, the surface must be clean of dust and debris.

Old paint may be pained over. However, you should realize that as the old paint peels away, the new paint will be removed as well. Scraping the old paint or sandblasting are the processes used to clean curbs prior to painting.

Sandblasting is the process used to remove the old paint by machines that project a high powered stream of fine sand that removes the old paint. Sandblasting is a messy process; cars and buildings in the area will have a fine dust remaining even after our efforts to clean up all the debris.

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