Pulverize and Export

One method of removing asphalt material is to use a pulverizing machine to grind the asphalt into workable material. On large asphalt surfaces where the asphalt may be variable in thickness, or where it might be particularly thick, pulverizing enables a crew to manage removal far easier than pulling up large chunks of asphalt and disposing of them with a loader and dump truck. Since the material is more easily managed, it can be more quickly disposed of and save time, thus diminishing labor and equipment costs.

Pulverize and Regrade

Another application, however, is to pulverize the material in place, regrade it by use of a Blade or Skip Loader, roll it for compaction, and utilize the old, pulverized asphalt as a base material for the new asphalt. This application can be less expensive as it is not necessary to haul off the old asphalt, and new base material will not need to be purchased to place under the new asphalt. The old, pulverized asphalt makes an excellent base material. A word of caution in this arena, however, is that in pulverizing the old asphalt and using it as a base material, there still remains a substantial amount of work in reworking the pulverized material and in regrading it to make it viable for compaction to receive the new asphalt.

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