Skin Patch Overlay

Skin patching or overlaying is the use of fine asphalt mixtures to patch areas where only a thin layer of asphalt is necessary or desired. The fine mix asphalt is usually used to fill low areas where water pools and doesn't drain or won areas that need to be patched. This application is typically bid as part of a larger project for those small areas that need to be brought up to grade or patched. The process used in doing a skin patch is to clean the area to be paved, applying a tack coat, then raking in the "school mix," "sheet mix," or "3/8" fine mix" and finally rolling the area with a roller to compact and level the area. AMS Paving's professional crew and quality equipment will supply you with a job you will feel good about.

Note: It should be noted that the most common reason for the use of skin patching is water erosion, typically from sprinklers and over watering.

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