ADA Compliance

The “ADA” (Americans with Disabilities Act) has set forth design standards for paving and striping that must be followed to be in compliance with the law. AMS Paving can provide you with the expertise to remove your existing non compliant features and install new ADA compliant ramps and handicap access. In the case that the area must be re-engineered completely, an outside architect firm may be brought in to design the plans for AMS Paving to follow.

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Your “Welcome Mat” - Part 2
It is important to mention that in most Reserve Studies, the removal and replacement of the asphalt is calculated with the life of the asphalt being 25 – 30 years depending on the original design. It is also important to note that most Reserve Studies base the life of the asphalt on doing preventative seal coating and other repairs as required in order to preserve the asphalt in the best way possible. Read More.