Asphalt Removal / Replacement

Removal and replacement consists of removing and disposing of the existing asphalt and repaving the area with new asphalt. Typically, a removal and replacement is necessary when an asphalt surface has failed beyond the point where it can be salvaged. It is not uncommon to replace and compact the base material below the asphalt at that time if the foundation is unstable. AMS Paving specializes in removal and replacement using only the highest quality equipment and personnel to complete your project.

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It is important to mention that in most Reserve Studies, the removal and replacement of the asphalt is calculated with the life of the asphalt being 25 – 30 years depending on the original design. It is also important to note that most Reserve Studies base the life of the asphalt on doing preventative seal coating and other repairs as required in order to preserve the asphalt in the best way possible. Read More.