Grinding and Pulverizing

Grinding asphalt has a number of different applications depending on the particular result desired. Grinding is typically done on a linear foot basis to enable a smooth transition from an existing asphalt surface to one that will be newly paved. Usually a small grinder is used to grind away 1″ to 2″ of existing asphalt, so that as the new asphalt that is laid adjacent to the old asphalt has a smooth transition from one to the other.

Pulverizing is a method that mixes the existing asphalt with the base material anywhere from 5 “ to 12”, or more. This method allows for the existing asphalt to be salvaged and recycled on the property as a stronger base material. Any excess material will be hauled off site and used as base material for future jobs in the community.

Slurry Seals

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Your “Welcome Mat” - Part 2
It is important to mention that in most Reserve Studies, the removal and replacement of the asphalt is calculated with the life of the asphalt being 25 – 30 years depending on the original design. It is also important to note that most Reserve Studies base the life of the asphalt on doing preventative seal coating and other repairs as required in order to preserve the asphalt in the best way possible. Read More.