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What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You

By Liz Williams The asphalt in a homeowners association is something often overlooked or ignored until it’s too late. The streets are almost always the largest asset and almost always the most expensive to replace. However, the streets are your welcome mat and their...

To Mill and Fill or Begin Again

Asphalt has a life span of 25 years, give or take, that’s a thing you now know. The give or take depends on the maintenance that it has received over the years. When its day has come the process of milling comes to play. A milling machine is used to grind the asphalt,...

CAI-CV Quorum Platinum Sponsor Introduction

AMS Paving has been a Multiple Chapter Member of CAI for over 20 years and it has been our privilege to serve the homeowners, board members and managers of the Coachella Valley during that time. As we proudly celebrate our 35th year of service, we attribute our...