Now Offering Continued Education Credit for CMCA® Cert Holders

AMS Paving is proud to announce that our presentation “Realistic Expectations” is approved by Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) to fulfill continuing education requirements for the CMCA® certification.

The objective of this educational program is to give Community Association Managers and Board Members a better understanding of the common issues faced when preforming asphalt maintenance and replacement projects.

Not all asphalt projects are the same and the typical Asphalt 101 education programs do not provide information about the common issues and complaints raised during these projects.  In this presentation I discuss the problems that commonly arise and why.  So when the phone rings, the Community Association Manager or Board Member will be more prepared to respond accordingly and hopefully save time and unneeded stress when undertaking asphalt maintenance projects.


The topics covered in this presentation include:

When seal is applied and how often; Notice and towing; Oil Stains; Driving thru fresh seal; Tracking/ Tearing/ Power Steering marks; Streaking; Over Sealed Street; Seal chipping; Explosive asphalt; Expansion joints; Contraction and Expansion; Cracks and Crack maintenance; Painted curb issues; Sinkholes; Utilities; Common Overlay; Reflective Cracking; Petro-mat installation; Thin Overlays; Replacement Process; Crown too high; Water Valve Regulations; Project Phasing;

As well as a Community Association Manager Specific section about the biggest challenges regarding asphalt proposals such as Last minute bid requests; Establishing realistic expectations; determining a budget; Scope of work; Bid results; selecting a contractor who is qualified, insured and licensed properly.

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