Overlays and Fabric Overlays

Patching or overlaying includes the use of fine asphalt mixtures to patch areas where only a thin layer of asphalt is necessary or desired. The fine mix asphalt is usually used to fill low areas where water pools and doesn’t drain or worn areas need to be patched. This application is typically bid as part of a larger project for those small areas that need to be brought up to grade or patched.

Petromat is a pavement reinforcing fabric specifically designed for the paving industry. Its primary function is to strengthen and reinforce the base course of asphalt upon which the new asphalt will be placed. An additional benefit is that it helps to mitigate mirror or reflective cracking (cracks in the existing asphalt) from coming up through to the new asphalt. The process involves laying a binder coat of hot oil which enables layers of asphalt to stick to one another, then laying the Petromat Fabric, and finally, overlaying these with a layer of asphalt, typically between 1-1/4″ and 2″ thick. AMS Paving uses state of the art equipment and professional personnel to provide you the highest quality job in the industry.

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It is important to mention that in most Reserve Studies, the removal and replacement of the asphalt is calculated with the life of the asphalt being 25 – 30 years depending on the original design. It is also important to note that most Reserve Studies base the life of the asphalt on doing preventative seal coating and other repairs as required in order to preserve the asphalt in the best way possible. Read More.