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Serving all of Southern California

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AMS Equipment Spotlight: 2- and 3-Axle Move Trailers

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Articles, Blog

What is it?

A move trailer is an essential piece of equipment used to transport our heavy paving machinery from our yard to your job site. Bumper-to-bumper, the 2-axle is approximately 67’ long and can haul around 40 tons (80,000lbs) of equipment; and the 3-axle, which sits closer to the cab of the truck, measures about 65’ long and can haul 50 tons (100,000lbs) of equipment or more (with additional permits as required by CA state law). As a general rule, each axle on these trailers can safely support 10 tons (20,000lbs) since they’re comprised of 6-8 wheels that extend below the trailer itself versus the standard 2-4 typically housed in the wheel well. Each rear axle can also be moved independently to disperse the weight of the load for safety and ease of transport.

How does it work?

Our 2- and 3-axle move trucks are the heavy-lifting, unsung heroes of the company fleet. While they’re not the flashiest or most technical of the equipment we use, they’re probably the most essential to day-to-day operation. Without these trailers, we wouldn’t be able to transport our pavers, grinders, rollers, skid steers, skip loaders, etc. to and from job sites.

While loading these trailers properly takes skill and experience, the technology in the trailers themselves make it a little easier. On the 2-axle trailer, there are 2 moveable axles in the rear that can be slid forward to allow the back to lower. On the 3-axle trailer, there are 3 moveable axles in the rear that operate the same as the 2-axle but can carry a heavier load due to the extra support from the additional wheels. With the back end lowered, our crew can drive the equipment up the newly-formed ramp and onto the trailer. Once the load has been secured on the platform, the axles can be shifted backwards into place to raise the back end and support the weight evenly, making for a much safer trip.

Fun Fact: The rear axles can be moved forward during transport if a tighter turn radius is needed around a sharp corner and then shifted back into place to resume safe and balanced travel once the turn has been completed successfully

What should you do if you see one on the road?

Aside from marveling at the hauling power of these beauties and informing all of your passengers that the rear axles are motorized and can move independently, you should give them space! And if you think you’ve given them enough space, give them more. These big haulers (especially when fully loaded) cannot stop on a dime and have blind spots that can completely conceal your vehicle. Playing dangerous games on the road with large and heavy trucks rarely ends in the favor of the smaller vehicle. You should always practice safe driving, but it’s especially important around big trucks.

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